Like an urban legend run amok, there are some things about SEO that we believe just because we have heard them for so long that we accept them as true.  But as our 43rd president might have said, there is more “truthiness” than truth to the myths below.

The Most Common Myths of SEO

SEO Myth #1:  The longer the copy, the higher the rankings. Once upon a time, people believed that they had to write the article content that was twice as long as the Magna Carta in order to be effective – and that the longer it was the better.    The truth is, if you can focus on 3-4 key phrases effectively in a 500 word piece, you stand just as good a chance as producing great results.

SEO Myth #2:  SEO is “set it and forget it” marketing. With the rise of SEO, there have come many companies looking to make a quick buck and then move on to their next mark client.  But SEO is not a one-off solution to online marketing.  In order to receive high rankings, companies must examine the data and make changes on the fly.  There needs to be awareness of what is working and what is not at all times.

SEO Myth #3: Flash detracts from good SEO. The only way that flash animation can keep your SEO from succeeding is if Flash is the ONLY thing you do!  As long as there is solid, keyword-rich content on your pages, the Flash won’t keep you from getting the job done.

SEO Myth #4: Repeating the same site copy over and over helps build rankings. Nope.  In fact, duplicate content is one of the quickest ways to see your ranking fall.   You need to treat every article you create as if it was a snowflake – 100% percent unique in its own way!

SEO Myth #5: Anyone can implement an SEO strategy. Technically speaking, anyone can perform open-heart surgery, but it is usually creates messy results.  We’re not comparing SEO to major surgery, but the unique mixture of art and science make it best left in the hands of the experts.

SEO Myth #6:  It is hard to predict how well an SEO campaign will perform. It’s confusing that such a mode of thinking would exist for a marketing procedure that is driven so readaily by analytics and statistics.  Yet only recently have people begun to put faith in their reporting and predictability of certain actions.

SEO Myth #7: You only need to worry about optimizing your home page. There’s no reason to stop with just the home page!   All the pages on your site contain kick-butt content, so why wouldn’t you want people to find those as well?

SEO Myth #8: You should build your site, then develop an SEO plan. This is sheer madness!  If you want to be truly effective in your SEO efforts, then the best course of action is to design your site, your blog and your entire online presence with SEO in mind.  By optimizing everything from the get-go you won’t have to go back and re-do all your hard work.

The myths of SEO are out there, with more be adding to the legend every day.  To succeed online, your business must look beyond these myths and discover the truth behind generating traffic, leads and conversion.

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