Very few people wake up in the morning and say, “What in the world am I going to do with all this extra traffic I’m getting on my blog?”   A more common refrain involves wondering why you ever took the time to create a blog in the first place.  Here are a few tips to help remedy the situation and build traffic to your blog from a variety of sources.

How to Increase Traffic to your Blog

1. Add images and video to your blog. Sites that contain imbedded images and multimedia are easier on the eyes and will be more compelling to your visitors.    BE VISUAL and you’ll develop a larger, more loyal following.

2. When you’ve got linkbait, make the most of it. If one of your posts gets picked up by Digg, Reddit or another major player, you have got to take advantage of that spike in traffic.  People are going to be checking you out for the next couple of days following the post so write some of your best content ever – and whatever you do, don’t miss a post during this time.  If people look at your blog as one that isn’t updated regularly they are going to move on.

3. Stay focused. As much as you dream about it, your blog simply can’t be all things to all people.  If you focus on a particular topic – and show off in your expertise in that area – you are much more likely to develop a hardcore following that translates into big time traffic.

4. Use offline tactics. It may seem a bit odd, but you would would be suprised how much traffic you can generate by including your blog’s URL in direct mail pieces, business cards, print ads and other offline matierals.

5. Engage your readers. Give your blog readership a chance to get involved and come back for more.  Create polls, design quizzes and give away free stuff.

6. Get involved with social media networks. It should seem pretty obvious by this point, but you need to give readers a chance to share your magnificent content with their friends on Digg, Reddit and other high traffic sites.   Use Feedburner to fire up the links and bring in the traffic!

7. Don’t forget your core site! This isn’t a traffic generation tip per se, but if your end-game is to get people over to your core business site, be sure and give them ample opportunities to do so with links throughout your blog and blog posts.

Your blog should be doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of delivering traffic to your core site.  Pay attention to the tips above and you should be swimming in visitors in no time.

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