So you’ve got a cup of coffee by your side and your “lucky writing hat” on and you’re ready to start creating the most brilliant, incredibly keyword-rich content the online world has ever seen.   Whoa, there partner!  Have you taken the time to really master the craft?  Are you planning on stuffing your content so full of keywords that it’s going to burst like a thanksgiving turkey?  Have you done enough proper keyword research to capture the attention of your target audience?

The following are five burning questions that you need to ask yourself about you SEO content efforts today, tomorrow and next week.

How important are old-school metrics of SEO content such as keyword density?

Back in the day, keyword density was the phrase-of-the-day in terms of search of content.  The denser your copy was with keywords, the better it would rank – as the story went.   But we are more sophisticated creatures now, and so too are algorithms at the major search engines.

Too much emphasis on a single keyword or phrase is likely to get you filtered out by Google and Yahoo! Relevancy has become the order of the day and as such you need to be more selective of how many appearances a keyword or phrase in a piece of content – and instead focus on whether or not your content reads well and provides your audience with a clear, comprehensive chunk of the information they were seeking in the first place.

Is your SEO content truly link-worthy?

Anyone can produce content, but the great ones produce content that is truly link-worthy – the kind of content that any site would be proud to link to off of their site.

To determine if your content is linkworthy as yourself the following questions:

  • Is your content something that a lot of people are seeking?
  • Does your content have a unique point-of-view or voice?
  • Is your content 100% original, and can’t be bought or found anywhere else?

If you answered YES to all three of these questions, congratulations, you’ve got some mighty fine linkworthy content there!

Is your SEO content spread throughout the entire site?

While everyone wants a home page that is well-optimized and rich with great content, it is important that you don’t forget about the other pages in your site.   Great SEO content development means spreading the wealth around your entire site so as to drive traffic to those pages as well.   Don’t use up all your great material on the home page.  Develop logical site architecture and support all your products, services and general information with outstanding content.

Is your SEO copy built to help you convert?

Some of the best, most relevant copy in the world is still deemed a failure because it fails to achieve the most important goal of all:  to convert sales.   Insert calls to action subtly at the end of your content, or position graphic elements around the page that make it easy for people to contact you after they’re all fired up by your amazing content.

Are you constantly developing new SEO content?

Content development is not a static, one-and-done process.  The companies that enjoy the most success in terms of their SEO content are those that continue to monitor their rankings, research new keywords and of course, develop exciting, fresh content.

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