After having advertsied the upcomning changes in the past week, facebook has now started implementing the new real-time streaming version of their homepage. Seems only a few people are seeing it (myself included) as no one else at the office is seeing the same as I do:

The new facebook homepage updates in real-time

We’ve just done some tests here, but so far I can’t see the homepage being updated realtime. One noticable change, however, is that they changed the status update box to something they call “the publisher”; unstead of “what are you doing right now?” it asks, “what’s on your mind?”.

The new 'publisher'
The new “Publisher”.

This certainly seems like an attempt to become more twitter-y, having first removed the default “is” in the beginning of the status updates. I am very curious to see the reaction to this – any changes are usually met with initial fist-shakings before people get used to the new look. Like I said, though it says I’m seeing the new interface, I have yet to see anything get updated real time. I will keep updating as new reports of people seeing the new changes come in.

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