Google Plus is a hotspot for engagement, but not everyone knows how to acquire this engagement or what to do with it once they have it.  Below are 7 tips that flourishing brands use when creating optimal posts.




The entire point of social media is to be social and to create conversation! When you ask a question people are going to want to answer.  You’ve probably heard or read the question “Are you listening to understand or to respond?”  Say something inspirational, thought provoking and have an interest in your audience.




Use bold in the headers!  Do you want your post to POP? The answer to this is probably a resounding, YES! There’s two great things about creating bold headers:


  1. Bold headers will grab the readers’ attention.
  2. When you set your post up in a blog-like format, Google will take kindly to that post. For example, if you see a post in your feed from someone in your circle and you want to look at it later but you can’t find it, you can search the title in the Google search engine and that Google Plus post will show up.




When is the best time to post? Does your location matter?  There’s a website called Timing+ that will let you know when to post to your Google plus.  It can be difficult to know when to post something that you’ve created for top engagement when you don’t know if people will be on to see it. Timing+ will help you learn how to do that.




With hashtags, you can use up to 5 per post.  If you decide not to post hashtags, Google will do it for you if there’s enough text to warrant hashtags.  If you want your post to be seen, check out “What’s hot” and if applicable to your post, use one or more of the trending hashtags in your text.




Google owns YouTube so if you want to post a YouTube video to your Google Plus page, it’s going to rank higher in search.  People like watching videos more than they like looking at texts and even pictures.  Post a video, add something that goes “Bang” in the title, add a short paragraph, and add in hashtags that relate to the video and you’re golden.





Post images that reflect your company in some way that would best interest your clients. For example, if you’re a coffee and tea shop, you’re going to want images of coffee, coffee grounds, coffee fields, your beautiful shop, cute coffee quotes, or a branded image of someone holding a tea leaf from a local farm that you use to make your tea.  The fun part about this is that you can expand a bit: what else are coffee drinkers interested in? Reading, working on their computers, snacks that complement the coffee, something that they can drink from without worrying about spilling that first cup of coffee down their shirt on the way to a meeting and of course, after-coffee-mints for before their important meeting.




Famous people in pictures tend to get a lot more engagement.  The fun thing about famous people is that the majority of us know who they are and, regardless of whether we want to admit it or not, we have an opinion about them.  Those opinions, coupled with being active on a social platform, affords people an opportunity to start conversations which become the basis for unique engagement.  If you’re using Google Plus for your company you need to be really careful with this.  Inspirational quotes from famous people are great. Disagreeing with a quote from a famous person can be detrimental.



You now know about the tools that you can use to create a great post, but remember why this is important: You want engagement.  Engagement is a two-way street.  Treat everyone who gives your company the time of day like they’re the person who can bring your company to the top.  If you’re a company and you’re looking for people to love your brand, you need to use your social media as a sort of courtship:  Engage in conversation, “plus one” their comments, “plus one” and comment on the posts on their page that are relevant to you or won’t look bad for your brand, invite them to your community or hangouts and enjoy the conversation.


People are going to want to support you when they feel like they know you and they like what they know.  What do you hope for when you’re engaging with a brand through social media?

Shaena Whitney

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