By: Karina Munoz

#1 Lesson in Social Media: Adapt to Changing Trends In the world of social media, major changes happen overnight. As social media platforms are seeking to expand user base and monetize their social services, they are consistently reinventing their product. You must wonder: how is this constant revamping affecting my business’social media strategy? A small change to the experience of users might not be a big deal. Users might not even notice the change. However, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter regularly implement major changes to their algorithms and products. cplayblogpost cplay Why Should Businesses Adapt to Changing Trends? In 2007, Facebook introduced Pages. Today, Pages is one of the more effective platforms for social media marketing. Can you imagine if you had dismissed Pages as passing social media trend?   Adapting to social media changes will help you remain competitive and extend your marketing reach. A new platform might introduce your product to a new audience. A new feature might optimize your content. Staying on top of these changes will help you seize upon opportunities that will expand your business.   Here are just a few of the big announcements made in the last month by Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and Snapchat:

  • Facebook announced it would be making improvements to News Feed by penalizing click-baiting articles.
  • Twitter made analystics, previously available only to verified users and business, available to  all users and is currently testing a new feature, the Buy button.
  • Instagram released Hyperlapse, its standalone video app.
  • Snapchat expanded Our Story to cover live events like the Electric Daisy Carnival.

If social media platforms are in constant flux, why should I adapt to updates?   The truth is that there will always be updates and shifting your social media strategy to every change will do more harm than good. What you need to do is be aware of how changes will affect your social media strategy and change accordingly. Don’t follow trends blindly.  yoblogpic What Can You Do?

#1: Stay updated.   Most social media platforms introduce updates through company blogs. Regularly visit the blogs and news sites for the social platforms your business is on.

  • Facebook’s Newsroom will deliver all recent news and announcements. You should also keep an eye on Facebook for Business, a blog dedicated to helping businesses with their Facebook presence.
  • Twitter blog network has you covered with individual blogs dedicated to each subject: media, advertising, engineering, developers.

#2: Don’t be afraid of change.   New social media platforms arrive on the world’s stage every day. Existing social media platforms, attempting to stay relevant and competitive, announce new features and analytics on a regular basis. Even the changes that have been slowly introduced come as a surprise to many users. Don’t let all these changes overwhelm you or scare you into a corner.   Experiment with new products and features. If something works, adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

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